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This project records and remembers all members of our GAA family who lost their lives as a result of the conflict. It is the first centralised and collective effort aimed at acknowledging and recording the impact of the conflict on the GAA as an organisation and on its members. As a matter of historical record and primarily as an opportunity for our organisation to collectively acknowledge the hurt, loss and trauma our fellow Gaels, and our organisation, have suffered as a result of the recent conflict in Ireland, Relatives for Justice consider this project to be uniquely important.

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Bringing memories to life

The Book includes approximately 500-600 word entries on each member of the GAA who lost their lives as a result of the conflict. Built on the recorded testimonies of bereaved relatives, these entries provide a brief yet powerful insight into the lives of those lost and the role of the GAA in their lives.


Tangible links to the past

An exhibition will be curated by RFJ as a showpiece of this project. It will display a collection of personal belongings of those killed including items such as hurls, medals, boots, trophies, etc. It will be a powerful and very personal look into some of the lives of the Gaels lost to the conflict.

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Facilitating further learning

Due to the word limit of the Book, this web portal has been developed to serve as a repositary of information about this project and as a source of further information regarding all individuals included in the Book. This includes information from families, links to further reports, and case-specific information regarding the legacy issues each family face.


Dedicated to memory

It is our hope that the culmination of this project will be the erecting of a fitting memorial to all those members of the GAA who were killed. Ideally at the home of the GAA in Croke Park, Dublin.

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Impact through awareness

An established tradition in the GAA, commemorative jersies have become visual symbols of support and solidarity with campaigns. We believe that in commissioning a jersey to include in its design the names of all GAA members killed during the conflict, we can facilitate that opportunity for support in this project.

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